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Because South West France has so many fine indigenous grape varieties combined with such a wide range of soils and sites it offers an extraordinary diversity of wine styles and flavours.

South West France

The South West of France region stretches from the Atlantic to the vibrant city of Toulouse – the capital of the region – and from the sunny foothills of the Pyrénées to the majestic grandeur of the Massif Central. In between, there are vineyards everywhere – on the plains of the Béarn, along the great river valleys of the Garonne, Lot and Tarn and on the gentle rolling hills of Gaillac and Gascony.
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From the sensuously sweet wines of Jurançon to the monumental reds of Madiran and from the perfumed, easy-drinking wines of Fronton to the new black wine of Cahors, there is so much to choose from.There are deliciously delicate rosés, crisply fragrant dry whites and the apple-like sparkling wines of Gaillac – natural partners for fine food – from apéritif to dessert – and beyond. The result is a portfolio of wines full of character and style. The South West is justly proud of its traditions and diversity, and its winemakers are united in their passion to provide quality wine at reasonable prices.
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Did you know that PDO Gaillac vineyards produce 7 styles of wine: Red, White, Rosé, Sweet, Slightly Sparkling, Sparkling and Primeur?